Looking for HARD MONEY.... - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Nate on March 06, 2001 at 13:51:05:

The phone # is 301-937-1919 not 3939.


Looking for HARD MONEY… - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on March 05, 2001 at 09:34:21:

Looking for HARD MONEY…

Ed Garcia goes on a Hard Money Campaign?

As of today thru Friday February 16th of this week, we will be conducting a Hard Money search.


If you are a Hard Money Lender in your state, or you’ve used a Hard Money Lender, we would like their name, address, and phone number, along with a little explanation of how they have served you.

This search will be conducted on the “FINANCING FORUM” section of this site ONLY.

If you are a Hard Money Lender, this is your opportunity to tell us what you can do.


I don’t think that it’s a secret that I have been designated as the sites lender. In order to do this job efficiently, I need HARD MONEY. I have all I need in California, but fall short in other states. Hard Money has been the most sought after financing on a state by state basis. I’m looking for credible, legitimate, sources. I, or one of the members of my staff will check out these sources and scrutinize them, one by one. I’m looking to establish a credible Hard Money Lender in each state. This site has been constantly solicited by Mortgage brokers, who have proclaimed themselves to be “Hard Money Lenders” and then have not performed.

I want to thank you in advanced for any participation on your part and hope that the out come will benefit the participants of this forum.

Ed Garcia

Re: Looking for HARD MONEY… - Posted by Jessie Watson

Posted by Jessie Watson on March 09, 2001 at 20:13:03:

I have good(not excellent)credit and I am looking for a hard money lender in LA. I just recently got approved for a 70% loan to value on one property from my local bank. I need other sources should another deal come my way soon

Re: Looking for HARD MONEY… - Posted by Bill

Posted by Bill on March 08, 2001 at 16:28:48:

Ed , Iam in the Charleston, S.C. area. I would be interested in making loans within 100 mi of here.
Per our telcon Iam submitting this. My toll free # is
877-500-0244. Thanks, I enjoyed our chat the other day,
I particularly enjoyed it because you talk straight.

Re: Looking for HARD MONEY… - Posted by Tom-Pa

Posted by Tom-Pa on March 07, 2001 at 13:06:25:

Ed, I wanted you to know that I have some one in eastern Pa that I’m working with that has rehab money. I am in western Pa and can do the same thing. I am a mortgage broker and I’m an investor. I’m also on the board of directors of our local investment group.
100% of purchase price
65% after repaired value
15% interest (interest only Payments)
1 year term max
can close within 2 weeks
My name is Tom Bryner
Phone # is 724-684-6637
Fax # is 724-684-4477

Re: Looking for HARD MONEY… - Posted by Tom (NY)

Posted by Tom (NY) on March 06, 2001 at 02:17:32:

I have a source for hard money on long Island & the 5 broughs of NYC. These loans are for a maximum of 12 months at a rate of 18%
APR with 2 to 4 points depending on the deal. These loans can be used for both acquistion and repair of real property with as little as
10% down + closing cost
For more info call or write.

HomeSaver Realty Corp.
1260 Old Nichols Rd.
Islandia, NY 11749
Att: Tom Willis
W - 631-582-3335
F - 631-582-4536

Re: Looking for HARD MONEY… - Posted by Jim Kennedy - Houston, TX

Posted by Jim Kennedy - Houston, TX on March 05, 2001 at 11:25:18:


Here are a few that you can check out:

Statewide Capital Investments
711 W. Bay Area Boulevard
Suite 500
Webster, TX 77898
George Pugh
281-332-2009 or 1-800-460-1890.

Ready Mortgage Corp.
Craig Pettit
P.O.Box 852006
Richardson, TX 75085

MGM Real Estate Investments, Inc.
Matt Garcia or Scott Morris
4740 Ingersoll, #211
Houston, TX 77027

Acquisition Funding Source (AFS) & DASH Mortgage.

Hope these help.

Best of Success!!

Jim Kennedy,
Houston, TX

Re: Looking for HARD MONEY… - Posted by Greg NY

Posted by Greg NY on March 07, 2001 at 13:55:28:

Mr. Bryner,

Does your lender make loans in the Central New York area, Syracuse?
And what are the requirements? I have bad credit but can put a “packaged” deal together.
Can you get back to me with some more details.?

Thank you,

Greg NY

Re: Looking for HARD MONEY… - Posted by Nate

Posted by Nate on March 06, 2001 at 02:19:59:


If I wanted to put 10% down, I would go to a bank or mortgage company and get a loan at around 9%-10% with 2 or 3 points.

For everyone’s information, the following is a source for rehab loans at 9.5% with 3 points, 90% loan to cost on purchase and rehab costs:

Premier Financial
Rob Feldman
(301) 937-3939

They are here in the DC area and I don’t know how far out they will lend.

But they’re there.