Looking for Mr. Goodbar Deal #1&2 - Posted by Mary W

Posted by Mary W on June 23, 1999 at 10:11:44:

I’m almost over my analysis paralysis but need help with the two following, first is a large two bedroom corner property w/side lot and backyard (fairly large by Philadelphia standards). the seller bought in 4/97 for 25,000 so there’s little equity. His motive is the wife is pregnant and doesn’t feel comfortable in neighborhood. Seller is open to creative fainancing and want to basically “swap” for another property paying no more monthly than $350 (now pays $260). I’ve located a few properties fitting his criteria but how to actually put this together is not working for me. I have no money so also I’m looking for a small payday also. The second is a 2 bedroom condo recently renovated which has been on the market for nearly one year. She’s been in it for 2 years (payed $42,000). So once again there’s little equity. She’s getting married by year end and her intended wants a house. She basically wants out of the mortage and a possible thousand. help, please!