Looking into paying for sound advice. - Posted by Fl. Kevin

Posted by Carey_PA on March 08, 2002 at 08:56:53:

I was just letting you know man! It’s cool Kevin…I call everybody chief :slight_smile:


Looking into paying for sound advice. - Posted by Fl. Kevin

Posted by Fl. Kevin on March 04, 2002 at 20:42:28:

Hey all.
MAn oh man. I guess everyone here no matter where you are in this biz will sooner or latter have to deal with A paid professional at some time. I’ve personally decided to utllize the tallents of A local “Realestate Attorney” in my neck of the wood’s, wright off the bat. I gotta A slew of question’s & thoughts for’em too . I figure that what ever advice I do get from him or her, I’ll be sure to take that to the bank. These people deal with mobile issues everyday, I don’t (at least not yet). I really do like this chat board & would hope that I’m not stepping on anyones toes when saying this either. I just feel that I have to do that. As with any business that one decides to venture into, one must know it’s legal limit’s, wright? I’d feel safer if those thought’s were comming from the horse’s mouth. I don’t recommend anyone here doing what I’m doing, but will say that you should alway’s move upon your “instinct’s” when doing anything in your life. This can be A very fun biz if you want it to be :slight_smile:
In my state of the “Bush’s” (Fl.). You have A world melting pot of everyone from every state(& just about every country) living here. This means that thing’s down here are taken very seriously. Law’s sound A little out of wack, but there here for A reason (I think? …just kidding!). So do what you feel is wright & have fun! Peace.

Fl. Kevin

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Posted by Carey_PA on March 05, 2002 at 09:05:26:


I don’t want to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, because frankly I don’t know you and I don’t have any right to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

I strongly feel that when people get started in this business, myself included, they want ALL of the answers before doing a deal and they want to know the RIGHT way to do things! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you want to make sure you are asking the right people the right questions!

In my opinion (and it’s just that, an opinion), you don’t want to ask a real estate agent questions about mobile homes, heck for the most part you don’t want to ask them about single family homes, except for comps, etc. But anyway, most people (r.e. agensts included), can’t understand why anyone would invest in a mobile home, because they DEPRECIATE in value and they aren’t real estate, they are personal property, and for the most part the people that would live in a mobile home don’t have the money that people that would live in a normal single family house would have…THOSE are the things that MOST people think about. So, you don’t want to ask MOST people what they think, because MOST people will tell you that you’re nuts and that you can’t do it and that you can’t make money in mh’s, etc.

Might I suggest that you find someone on this board that does MH deals in Florida and pick their brains…offer to take them out to lunch or dinner…even if you have to drive 2hrs. within your state to meet them…DO IT!

Also, join an investors organization in your area and ask them questions there. I assure you MOST investors play by the rules and the laws of their states :slight_smile:

good luck,


Kevin its just around the corner. - Posted by investorrob

Posted by investorrob on March 04, 2002 at 22:36:25:

I read a few days back you were going to run a test add have you done that? What did that tell you? Post what you found out about that!

Kevin keep looking for the small owner forsale signs in the windows of the mh while ----Doing the speed bumb dance in the parks. Stop and talk to the manager and ask them if they know of anyone moving this month— Yes right now!! Is the time of month to ask that question because the mh owners will be stopping by to pay the lot rent in the managers office. Also ask if they know of anyone that has moved out and the mobile is empty.

The red and black forsale sign with black magic marker phone number is what you want,-- not the real estate big nice neat sign.

I would take the advise of others here,given to you–and I will say it again at least do one MH DEAL before you spend all that cash on any thing else. You have been given more help, more advise, than one will ever needs to do a Lonnie deal.

All you want all you need to look for is a motivated seller. Plain as day motivated seller nothing else. Then when you find that motivated seller use the advise we gave you last week, about—stopping by 3 or 4 times --letting them know you will buy it from them all cash. Keep looking Man keep looking. How many of these owners with the smal sign in the window have you talked to?? Kevin how many times have you been back to talk to them again. Get the picture —stop back see if you find some new desire, to sell now to you.

Now after you have done your first deal take some of that down payment money in your wallet and get what every advise you feel you need. !!OK!! Lonnie’s books and creoline will get you your first deal. It took me 2 months remember to get my first one. How long have you been at it now. Less than a month?


HE -HE hope R E Agent Dad don’t see - Posted by investorrob

Posted by investorrob on March 08, 2002 at 24:16:44:

Carey does your dad ever read creonline now that you have some good income from your deals. Love the way you were explaning that R E agents know very little about c.r.e. (Well maybe Tim F. does)

BTW for some of the newbie’s here how long did it take you to get your first deal.

Have watched you on the board grow in to a good real estate investor for something like almost 4 years now.

Are you going to the convention this year. Spoke to you at the 2000 one.

Any way if there is a lesson to be learned it is stick with it --keep your feet in the race like you have. And one will break through and get that first deal.

The very best of investing to you

Thank’s Carey. - Posted by Fl. Kevin

Posted by Fl. Kevin on March 06, 2002 at 14:48:58:

Yeah but the pesron I’m going to get payed advice from (& not A Realestate agent either)would/should help steer me in the direction of what I want to do & hopefully the best way to do it. I will alway’s try to get advise from you & everyone else here too! Thanks man :slight_smile: Fl. Kevin.

Re: HE -HE hope R E Agent Dad don’t see - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Carey_PA on March 08, 2002 at 14:08:53:


Of course my real estate agent father doesn’t read this site! Although I’ve told him about it several times, he insists that everyone that posts here is a “crook” or trying to make money off of their products or something lol (And it doesn’t matter that MOST of the people that post here don’t have any courses!)

He just doesn’t get it…he finally started to invest though…of course he pays too much and uses a lot of his own money…but hey why should he listen to me?? :slight_smile:

ANd it took me FOREVERRR to do my first deal because I always was waiting for the perfect deal and I NEVER wanted to make a mistake. (Since then, I’ve made a mistake on EVERY deal I’ve done, but never made the same mistake twice :slight_smile: and guess what, in spite of all my mistakes, I’m still living and breathing and READY TO DO MORE DEALS!

And no I will not be going to this years convention…to be honest I’m kinda holding out for Ed and Terry’s seminar…

Good luck and btw, I read all of your posts :slight_smile:


Your welcome, but I ain’t no man! :slight_smile: nt - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Carey_PA on March 07, 2002 at 20:15:54:


"Don’t ask an attorney for business advice… - Posted by Jerry Freeman

Posted by Jerry Freeman on March 06, 2002 at 16:08:16:

and don’t ask an accountant for legal advice."

I’ve spent too much on attorney’s fees for work that I didn’t really need, but the lawyer was happy to impress on me and charge for until I became more independent minded.

First, figure out what you want to do and the best way to do it, based on the advice of people who are already successful in the business you want to be in. If possible, find a mentor in your own state who has already had legal work done on the necessary contracts and other documents, licensing, etc. Ask if they would be willing to share their already attorney-checked-for-your-state documents with you.

Then ask THEM whom you should talk to for legal advice. Find an attorney who’s respected by people doing the same business you want to do. Just because someone’s an attorney doesn’t mean they’ll give you good advice. Most attorneys know nothing about the kind of transactions we’re interested in and will waste your time and money. Basically, they’ll charge YOU to educate THEM. (One definition of a consultant is someone who borrows the clients watch and then charges money to tell them what time it is.) Finding the right attorney is very important. Finding the wrong attorney (or handyman, MH mover, bank, etc.) can be an obstacle instead of help.

Best wishes,

P.S. If you don’t already have Ernest Tew’s books, I would strongly recommend that you get them. Not only do they have extremely valuable information that will help you succeed, Mr. Tew does business in Florida (you are in FL, aren’t you), so his documents, contracts and business practices have been used in Florida already. That should help give you confidence that you’re going about it in the right way. Those books could save you many times their cost in legal fees for work that’s already been done by someone else.

Sorry Carey :frowning: - Posted by Fl. Kevin

Posted by Fl. Kevin on March 07, 2002 at 20:30:34:

I’m sorry I said (typed) that. I tell everyone that to (thanks man), know matter who they are. & whenever I type, or say it, it means that I’m very happy. Sound’s weird, hu? Ok, ok. “Thank’s woman!!!” Uh… Hmmm. Hey, yaknow I’ve never met you b-4 & am sorry about saying what I did, too. I’ve alway’s thought that any gender could have just about any name in this day & age. I use to have an uncle Kerry, if that makes any sence. Or are you under the age of 18 & not yet A man? I uhh. Well ok. I gotta go b-4 I get into anymore trouble here. Sorry, again for calling you that Carey. Please except my words here??

Fl. Kevin

Hat’s off 4 Jerry freeman! - Posted by Fl. Kevin

Posted by Fl. Kevin on March 06, 2002 at 18:05:44:

I should be recieveing some important info.(via E-mail & snail mail) from some relatives whom has payed an attourney to become “incorporated”. That cost them $700.00 when they could’a ,should’a found that stuff on the net. I’ll be receiveing some other stuff related to what I want to do, from them also. I tried to find A title copany who could do title checks on MH’s also down here. First Co. I called said that state law requires both the LAND & MH are to be checked, hu? The Co. also recommeneded that I just run down to my local title & tag office to do this (would save me more $$$ anyway). So your wright about when & how to get thing’s done. Yes, confidence has played my mind on this subject. You & other’s on this board are one of the many reason’s why so many people love it here! Thanks again :slight_smile:

Fl. Kevin