Marketing Larger properties......... - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by Eric C on November 28, 2000 at 16:04:41:

n the past I’ve had some success with wording the ad to target those folks that I thought could come up with some cash quickly.

Nothing much different than your usual owner financing ad except that I made liberal use of the word executive" and made sure that the “no qualifying” terms were prominently featured.

It seems that there are a great many people who fancy themselves as “executives” despite evidence to the contrary.

I would be pitching this deal, excuse me, “palacial executive retreat”, to the self-employed crowd. You know, Realtors, used car dealers, and salespeople.

I would also lose the percentage terminology. I would just come right out and say how much is needed to move in right away – $30K or whatever.

Good luck,

Eric C

PS - before anyone gets upset at my proposed marketing “targets”, please note that I certainly fall into that last category – salespeople. My experience is that many of these folks (and a lot more) would rather “look rich than be rich” and subsequently make lifestyle choices that reflect that decision.

Marketing Larger properties… - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by David Alexander on November 28, 2000 at 11:50:37:

Ok, folks I’ve never tackled a larger property for marketing.

This one is gonna go for 350k and I need 10% down, it will be owner financed, or L/O.

What are some suggestions for marketing?

How do I get a hold of corporate relocation companies, I mean are they listed in the yellow pages?

Need to move this bad boy fast… Dont want to be holding it too long.

David Alexander