Maximize you convention education ... - Posted by Merle E Woolley

Posted by Merle E Woolley on March 06, 2001 at 17:59:36:

Eric … that was years ago. I have no idea what courses migth even be available today. You might do a search on the internet for information.


Maximize you convention education … - Posted by Merle E Woolley

Posted by Merle E Woolley on March 05, 2001 at 07:16:29:

Want to get the absolute most out of the Atlanta convention?

Years ago, we took a “speed reading” course. Don’t necessarily do all they taught us, but one of the techniques has proven quite valuable in many different ways.

To quickly read something, they suggested that you first decide what you want you learn from the reading. Look over the book or magazine first. Read the info on the covers. Scan the chapter headings, photo captions, etc.

Write a list of the questions that come to mind from the preliminary scanning of the material. With that list of questions in mind, begin reading. You will amazed at how many of the answers literally jump off the page as you read them.

There will some who with only the thought they will try to learn everything they can. Like the example from years ago of the ship setting sail across the ocean. Going from one coast to the other without a preplanned route. Perhaps it will succeed … but even it if does, it may take longer than necessary.

If you take time to sit down now. Plan for the convention. What do you really want to learn there? Decide your major objective. Study the schedule of events and speakers. Write out your schedule. List the people you want to have lunch with … or sit with at dinner.

Outline each speaker’s topic, in advance. List the questions that come to mind as you read over the description of the presentation to be made. Leave space on your page to to write your thoughts about the subject as you listen to the presentation.

By doing your planning now, your mind will work on your questions until the convention. You will arrive there like a big sponge. Every time you hear or see something relative to your plan, you will hear it loud and clear.

I use this same method in many ways … sometimes slightly modified … but the basic idea. For example, I teach a Sunday School class of adults. I read the lesson for next Sunday on the Monday morning before. As I read, I note questions and thoughts. Then, as the week goes by, I continue thinking about the information. By preparation time on Saturday, my mind is ready to put it all down on paper.

Hope this stirs your thoughts. I assure you that doing this will multiply the knowledge you acquire at the convention by many times. Those who don’t fit the category Zig Ziglar once called “wandering generalities.”

See you there with your written plan in hand.


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Posted by eric-fl on March 06, 2001 at 10:59:51:

I am the slowest reader ever. Are there any specific courses you would recommend?

Great advice… - Posted by HR

Posted by HR on March 05, 2001 at 17:34:23:


This is great advice. I, too, have used this technique, and used it before preparing for last year’s convention, and it made the whole experience even more profitable.

Meeting you is on my agenda; I look forward to it.