Maybe someone will respond on this forum??

I have a contract on a doublewide with river access. Here are the details:

ARV $52,000
Price $28,000
Repairs $1500
0 mortgage balance

Owner financing, $3,000 down, $400/mo., 0% interest.

The owner failed to tell me that he owes $2000 in back taxes until the day after we signed the papers. I do not have the extra money. Is there a way to borrow money on the deed to make this work?

The paperwork is signed? Which paperwork?

You can walk from the deal if the seller can not deliver what they have promised. If that is the case you would reduce the amount you are paying and redo the deal. The seller can use the down payment to deal with the back taxes if they want them settled.

Even though you have a signed contract, it does not sound like the seller can perform or craft a new agreement.

Is this a deal for a MH and land with the home being real property or is this just a deal for the MH with no land (real property)? I would not focus on borrowing more. I would focus on the getting the seller to realize they will need to use the $3K to pay the tax. Or find a way to pay a tiny amount monthly. It is not really your problem so force the seller to deal with it even if it is painful for the seller.

If the back taxes are a deal breaker for the seller and you still want to make the property work see if you can pay out the back taxes with the AHJ. Most will let you do this as they dont want the property anyway.