Mentor Financial Group- worth 5,000? - Posted by L(NYC)

Posted by Soraya on May 08, 2000 at 11:12:41:

My dad knows David Finkel personally. David is a really good person and will definitely do as he represents he will do.

If he is willing to guarantee that you will double your money in three months, that’s a great deal.

Plus they will lead you step by step through the process. AFter three deals you should be ready to do them on your own. AND I am sure that they will advise you after the initial three deals. They will probably not do the negotiating for you but they will “hold your hand” so to speak.

I can guarantee that you can lose a lot more than $5000 if you don’t do the transaction properly.

The only thing I do not like about the Finkel-Conte program is their lease option contract for the tenant buyer (Optionee) I think Wm. Bronchick’s is better.

Personally, I took the best of Finkel-Conte’s contract, Bronchick’s, Claude Diamond’s, John Ross’s plus the California Associtation of Realtors contract and put them together for a more complete contract.

I would advise that you combine Finkel-Conte’s, Wm Bronchick’s and your state’s Association of Realtors lease option contract and make up your own.

Definitely use Bronchick’s disclosure documents. They will keep you out of court.


Mentor Financial Group- worth 5,000? - Posted by L(NYC)

Posted by L(NYC) on May 08, 2000 at 09:32:20:

Hey everyone,
I recently went to visit a REI club in NYC and as a guest speaker they had a co-owner of the Mentor Financial Group, located in Lakewood, CO., Peter Conti (his partner is David Finkel) He gave an interesting lecture on L/O and the techniques they use when dealing with sellers, and management techniques that they also have, such as a contract with the tenant buyer to cover any maintenance or problems that fall under 200, the resaon for this was to not spend time dealing with petty problems and more time finding properties. Well the lecture was positive and informative, but at the end …came the pitch.
To be part of the mentoring program will cost 5,000 and this will include a 3-day bootcamp course, and then they will be your mentor for three properties to start, and they promise the student making 10,000 within 3 months. They also provide assistance with some sellers by actually calling themselves to maybe close the deal, the benefit for them, is to split the profits 50/50 on your first three deals. At first it sounded great but I didnt let the moment get me, I first wanted to run this by some more experienced REI’s.
In my opinion I think it might beneficial since I have yet to do any deals, and that maybe by working with them I can get some focus and some learning, as well as some material to have a foundation with.
On the toher hand Im thinking if I should keep on studying and hopefully do my first deal the right way, you know the whole fear thing, Any suggestions or advice would be helpful. Has anyone heard of groups like this or maybe about this group specifically.Thanks.