Mentor - Posted by Michelle

Posted by bug on April 19, 1999 at 12:38:35:

I think if you read some of the other posts on this site, you will see that creative real estate investing can make you wealthy if you have the resolve to learn. I have the CS course and I think it is an excellent introduction to REI, but it is also somewhat expensive. Maybe you’d rather go to the library first or buy some books (maybe even used) about RE. Also, read the articles on this site. This would be a much cheaper introduction to RE, and you may find that you won’t really need the Sheets course at all. I would, like many others, recommend Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad since making money is more about how you think about money than about how you make money. Hope this helps…

Mentor - Posted by Michelle

Posted by Michelle on April 19, 1999 at 09:51:30:


My husband and I are considering purchasing the CS program. We have heard alot about it, both positive and negative. We have purchased a similar program in the past, but after much reading, I came away with very, very little understanding. I am concerned that the same will be true this time. Saying that we have limited funds would be an overstatement. Credit also is an unmentionable. Still, we are ready to change our lives. We are hoping that an individual or couple who has worked with this program and had success on numerous occasions, will be willing to mentor us as we go through the program. If this is you, please respond.


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Posted by Pat on April 20, 1999 at 14:57:18:

I would recomend it highly, except for 1 thing----
that is if you want to stay where your at right now(in your life) .
doing the same things making the
same money , doing the same things, then don’t buy it.
But if you look inside yourself and say you will DO THE PROGRAM
NOT , don’t try. it’s different it’s not anything you will have
done before (looking for deals, talking to
strangers, asking questions. ) doing things different to what you have
become use to,is CHANGE
and change is not easy— BUT it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!
you see 4 years ago I bought the Carlton Sheets program ---- I never
opened the box i put it on
shelf for 3 years! last year i was working the same thing job I was 3
years before and got MAD ,
fed up , torked off, and tired of some small person in controll of my
wife & My life , who didn’t have
our best intrests in mind when they hired us–
It was Easter last year I started to open the boxand listen to the
ways to find a way out now we
own 37 houses in just the past 12 mo. and we do everything differently.

wether or not to change–

it worked for me but I wanted to change that is the key