Posted by Ralph on May 20, 2001 at 09:21:29:


I first heard about this program this morning. It sounds great, but I wonder if being myself a very busy engineer it is worthy to make the initial investment on this course.

I also saw on TV that the cost of the material is about $120, but through my research on the web I’ve found out that the course cost about $2500. Can someone help me to understand this?


Posted by Lynn on February 27, 2001 at 22:02:13:

Hello, I purchased the Carleton Sheets program about a year ago hoping to have an additonal income, but recently hurt my back on the job and not sure once I return I will have a job for long. So I need to get started ASAP on creating an income. My financial situation is not very good. The office of Carlten Sheets called offering their mentoring program. I am writing to see if the program is worth the money and if it’s as good as it sounds. I am the type of person that needs support, confidence and guidance. If you think this is not a good way to go…any suggestions?
Thank you! Lynn


Posted by Lu on February 28, 2001 at 16:11:53:

What is the Mentoring program all about? I bought the course a month ago and never heard about it before and now that is all I come across. Did the company call you, write you? And how much is it?

Re: MENTORING PROGRAM? - Posted by Jerri Kotrulja

Posted by Jerri Kotrulja on February 28, 2001 at 10:48:07:

I took the program and think it was worth the money - the support line, to me, is worth more than the 8 weeks of personal coaching. I didn’t care for that part at all. But I ahve called the support line many times with questions on writing contracts, etc.

If you need guidance, this is it…but you still have to do the work - they can’t make you do anything.

Re: MENTORING PROGRAM? - Posted by Barbi Christy

Posted by Barbi Christy on March 04, 2001 at 03:29:10:

I have the course, it has useful information for a perfect world or in a really tight buyers market. But the mentoring or “Personal Coaching” is not anything more than someone checking to see if you did your homework. As far as I am concerned it was definitely NOT worth the $2500 I spent to do it. It didn’t help me at all. My coach was not helpful even though she was supposed to be a licensed CALF real estate agent. My advice, if you are asking, is NO WAY! Email me if you need more info.

Re: MENTORING PROGRAM? - Posted by Melissa

Posted by Melissa on March 06, 2001 at 22:53:28:

Hi! I’m so glad that you responded! I asked this exact question today, scrolled down and found this! I just spoke with a rep regarding the coaching today and since I have paralysis getting started, I am considering it. Barbi says forget it and Jerri says go for it…I’m wondering what the difference in experience is. Barbi, did you find the hotline useful? Did any of you guys make that gauranteed 1 purchase? Did you keep up with the steps as the coach recommended? What did you find was not worth the coaching? Is it something you could have done yourself if you could set up strict discipline? I am so greatful for your input!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Re: MENTORING PROGRAM? - Posted by Barbi Christy

Posted by Barbi Christy on March 07, 2001 at 03:12:26:

I’m sorry but neither I or my Husband found the “Personal Coaching” of any value. Maybe because I was already “in the heat of the battle” so to speak because I already had contracts on a couple of properties when I got the course. I was needing other info and all they wanted to work on was the “homework”. Well I and I believe anyone for that matter with a Jr. High education could do the assignments without “a coach”. I guess some people need that direct “I’m checking on you” type thing to motivate them, but if you are a go get’er and I believe most people who are really into REI HAVE to be, then you won’t need the COACH. The hotline wasn’t too helpful either because they are not knowledgeable for the state I am in, No mans Land of Oklahoma, so I needed to get someone local, a real estate person or attorney to verify what I was doing was legal in this state. I really believe that a local investors group would probably provide as much help or the information on this board is awesome with some of the experts who posts here. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but always try to research it a little further for legalities of your state-so are really tough on REI and love to stick it to us! for trying to “cut into” thier action. Many attorneys and realtors have been doing these kinds of deals forever. They just don’t advertise the fact because they don’t want the competion from ordinary people just like us. And I also believe that real estate is 1-Large part LUCK of being in the right place at the right time and 2-having the knowledge of how to solve the problems at hand for the people who are involved (be it individual or Institution). That combination and a little sweat equity (“paint and powder”-cosmetic fixes) netted me a nice $18,000 profit from one little 2 bedroom house in the not so great side of town, because I was in the right place at the right time to help someone and myself at the same time. Its one of the deals that has saved my butt from some of the more “financially taxing” (nice word for MONEY PIT(MP) properties that I have had the misfortune to purchase because I could get them no money down…well there was a real good reason for that—they had a lot of hidden problems-although the sellers are suppose to sign a document that discloses these things-they don’t always be so forth coming with the information that they are willing to share about thier lovely properties…so be careful…and even though I hired a “inspector” to protect me from these “MP”, thier inspections weren’t always as thorough as they should or probably could have been…again be careful. Maybe you are luck enough to live in a state that requires licensing for inspectors and such and performance bonds for contractors. I have had more problems with thoese areas of the business than finding and making good deals. Anyone who has the handle on how to deal with contractors please let me know…I threaten the last one before he started that if he “screwed me over” I’d have to break his legs! That didn’t deterr him after all he is 6’4" 225 lbs—I am 5’4" 130 lbs. LOL What am I doing to do. Anyway, I hope I answered your question and THEN some right. The basic course is good but I think there are some others that are better and probably a lot cheaper. If you want to get in to this slower and with less risk, I’d try the lease option plan that Lori Simpson offers, I personnaly have not used it, but I intend to pursue that areana next along with tax certificates. Something that I don’t have to personally but in too much money or too much repairs into. Repairs can eat your lunch!