MH Questions for Dirk Roach, aka "The Expert" - Posted by Kevin

Posted by Kevin on April 10, 1999 at 24:47:47:

Dirk: These questions are from an MH/RE newbie in Southern California. Thanks in advance for any responses. Yes, I’m ordering one of Lonnie’s publications, but I have these questions even before getting ahold of more information.
(1) RE prices are high in SoCal. Does this translate into correspondingly higher MH prices, or, since any MH can be moved, does this tend to keep used MH prices tied to a national average and not closely tied to any particular RE market?
(2) What are some of the best sources of leads for used MHs that you have used?
(3) Is it a good idea to first advertize for persons wanting to purchase an MH so as to have a list of persons in hand and ready to purchase a used MH after purchase/rehab?
(4) Any “words of wisdom” or of regret that you care to pass along?