MH Value Question - Posted by richk (OR)

Posted by richk (OR) on March 21, 2000 at 24:23:19:

For those of you investing in MH’s in the Portland Oregon area, do asking prices seem “high” to you? I was wandering through a park today and found a 1964 10x55 for sale for $11,500.

Yes, I know our stick-built house prices are high, so the MH’s should be higher than what Lonnie finds, but this is is a timy, almost 40 year old MH! And yes, I know that sellers start high and that I should be able to get it for less, but it just seems an awfully high starting point.

I’m still in the “look-around-get-feel-for-the-market” stage, so I really don’t have much to compare. Can any of you help me with what you’re seeing?