MHP questions - Title, Squatters, & Removal of fire damaged Mobile Home

Hello friends. I have recently purchased a Mobile Home Park. I bought it REO and therefore inherited several issues.

  1. Squatters I need to get rid of. I need to figure out the best way to vacate them without winding up dealing with WA State laws protecting them more than me. None of the mobiles being occupied would be considered habitable. None were ever tenants signed on a lease or even have a history of paying rent.

  2. Abandoned Mobiles - None of them (6) were a part of the transaction as the titles are held by different parties and are just abandoned. I need to obtain title so I can either rehab or remove.

  3. Removal of MH - Shortly before closing on the sale, one of the squatters used the stove for heat and burned the trailer down. Now I have a fire damaged trailer with the roof half hanging and 2 walls barely standing. There is another MH which is damaged beyond repair for certain and needs to be removed. Is there a value to these because of the frames? Is it possible to trade any value here in exchange for removal / haul-out? They do have axles though do not have tongues. If I have them hauled out and wait a while before replacing, does this make it more difficult for permitting?

I already have had one small MHP for 7 years. However there is SO much to learn. I have seen some different Mobile Home investment seminars offered. I am also interested in Lonnie Deals. I must first focus on my 2 small little parks first then look to grow from there. I would love to go to a seminar or learn directly from a great mentor. Any suggestions??

Thank you!!!


Sounds to me like many can learn from you but they are not too many you can learn from.

RE: MHP questions - Title, Squatters, & Removal of fire damaged Mobile Home

Thank you Lubasha. While I would always be happy to share my experiences, I hope to find someone who could mentor me with my current situations! Best wishes.