MLS - Posted by Shawn

Posted by Linda Simms on August 28, 2003 at 10:25:07:

Rob. I believe previous posts claimed neither the local nor the National Board of Realtors owns MLS. It is a separate entity. If that is the case, then their is even less logic in them not opening it up to investors or any subscriber for a fee. It might be even restraint of trade or questionably illegal.

MLS - Posted by Shawn

Posted by Shawn on August 27, 2003 at 21:14:27:

Does anybody know how to get acsess to the MLS listings without being a realtor? Is there any subscription services available?

Re: MLS - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on August 28, 2003 at 09:55:28:

This question gets asked about once a week on this board. The MLS is owned by the local board of Realtors. The only way to get access is to either be a Realtor, work for a Realtor, or be an appraiser. is a pretty complete info service but it doesn’t contain addresses or all of the juicy details, and it is often a day or 2 behind the real MLS.

Re: MLS - Posted by newbie

Posted by newbie on August 28, 2003 at 08:58:55:

Try and fill in the info for your area only and what price range you are searching for. It is not the actual info the real estate agents have, but gives you some of the basic info on the property. Then I email my agent to send me more information on the listing number. Not great, but it helps.

Re: MLS - Posted by js-Indianapolis

Posted by js-Indianapolis on August 27, 2003 at 23:18:32:

You can be an appraiser, and get access too.

Or you can do what I’m trying to set up. Becoming a non licensed assistant. This is for people who are realtor’s assistants, but are not a realtor. Here, the MLS people are really strict about that now, as some people have become a non licensed assistant, when they really just were looking for access. Shocker. Now, you need to work for someone, and show the MLS people paycheck stubs before they let you have access. Strict rules after that too, and the broker I was working with didn’t want to do it as they could come down on him if they ever found out I wasn’t really working for him.

Oh well, onto appraiser school for me.

Re: MLS - Posted by Dennis TN

Posted by Dennis TN on August 27, 2003 at 22:59:25:

In order to get access to the MLS system you must be a realtor. What part of the country are you in maybe I can help.