mobile home financing issues

I am buying a mobile home and have been looking at financing options. The owner wants totally out of the property. In the space of a week I went from 4 companies that financed mobile homes to just one. The others dropped financing them. I have found none that financed single wides just double wides. Luckily This place is a double. Is some thing going on with mortgage companies? Even ones that only do mobile homes are not taking on new loans. This is a sweet place.
Thanks for the info!

Hi Sky

Does your double wide include the land beneath it or is it in a park? If in a park it can be a challenge. Any chance the seller can finance it for you?


its on 18 acers of land. The owner wants out of it. It was his mothers and when she got a divorce he got financed to pay off the ex. He financed for 10 years so his note is high. 4 years ago it appraised for 175k. I am buying for 110k. Its in a depressed area. If all else fails he will finance but he will want the note to cover his. I am just seeing mortgage companys not finance mobile homes a lot. Any one know some that do?