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Posted by Chuck on August 24, 2003 at 13:59:33:

What your asking can’t be answered in 30 words or less… and took me the better part of a year to learn in Tucson.

Go to the search engine for this forum and type in things like “AZ” and “Senior Parks” and so on… there was over 2000 related posts the last time I looked… then go to books section and get a copy of “Deal On Wheels” (by Lonnie Scruggs) for $30. It’s the bible of the business.

These two things will form the foundation of your knowledge, then you can fine tune it for your market.

Mobile Homes in Phoenix - Posted by

Posted by on August 24, 2003 at 13:20:49:

I just stumbled onto this site this morning. The MH section is of particular interest to me as we receive lots of calls from MH sellers. Curious to know if anyone is doing these types of deals here in the phoenix area. How does this market compare to others? Are there any local/ banking laws that would preclude any of these strategies? How are the 55+ parks responding to this? Any input relative to Phoenix appreciated. Thanks in advance.