Money Brokers / Link I found - Posted by Chuck Alan

Posted by Chuck on October 30, 2000 at 18:44:35:

George, I’m Curious, where in Ohio are you located?

Money Brokers / Link I found - Posted by Chuck Alan

Posted by Chuck Alan on October 29, 2000 at 20:05:17:

Curious if anyone knows how I would locate and approach a money broker? Im hoping to gain financing for my FIRST piece of investment property (Once I find something good with a positive cash flow) I live here in the Columbus OH area and the real estate market is pretty good. I guess Im nervous and avoiding regular banks also as even though I just bought my home and even refinanced I’ve got several TONS of inquiries on my credit history because of that and a goof up my first real estate mortgage company did to my credit several months ago. ( They ran several credit reports) Aside from that I have a discharged bankruptcy back in 1994. I have excellent credit since, but do not like the idea of being turned down because of that.

I was really getting into this one book today called, " How to make millions in real estate in 3 years starting with No cash. Its very interesting and a very positive book. It is written by Tyler G. Hicks who also writes the IWS newsletter. Im considering subscribing. I even checked the better business bureau online to see if there was any complaints about the company.( Im normally pretty skeptical) It was good! Is anyone familiar with this?

I did a search on the internet for " NOTHING DOWN" , a book that I remember from many years ago written by Robert Allen. What I found was disturbing and It bothers me a little bit. It is basically saying that one cannot legally and ethically buy property for nothing down without taking advantage of someone of less knowledge. I also for the first time felt like I as a “newbie” can be taken advantage of by people to buy their products claiming instant wealth and all of that. Im not stupid enough to think I will be instantly rich tomorrow, but I am very curious about this link. Im hoping that you can take a couple minutes to read and give me your feedback.

What’s wrong with nothing down? by John T. Reed


No money down… - Posted by George(OH)

Posted by George(OH) on October 30, 2000 at 08:42:53:

…does not always mean that the seller does not receive any money. It just doesn’t have to be YOUR money.

I would stay close to this website as far as learning different tactics, then gradually branch out as your knowledge grows.

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Re: Money Brokers / Link I found - Posted by Eric Fl

Posted by Eric Fl on October 30, 2000 at 07:06:03:

Chuck try this web page and tell me if it helps…

Also try this for no money down deals…

Re: Money Brokers / Link I found - Posted by Claude (Sacramento)

Posted by Claude (Sacramento) on October 30, 2000 at 24:11:27:

I was scared also until I realized how often John Reed mentioned his own courses and before I completed my first no money down deal.

Learn as much as you can, but don’t procrastinate. You will never learn it all and the greatest teacher is experience.



Re: Money Brokers / Link I found - Posted by dewCO

Posted by dewCO on October 29, 2000 at 21:11:14:

Not sure what money brokers has to do with your post, but if you stick with those who advertise here, you’ve probably covered everything you need to know about creative RE and they’ve proven to be reliable and successful.