Moving a mobile home - Posted by SueL

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Moving a mobile home - Posted by SueL

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I have a messy situation. We have a single wide 1973 Parkway in excellent condition that is sitting on our daughter’s property which is next door to ours. It has been there for about 6 years & was used as emergency housing for my sister when she was basically homeless. She moved on several years ago & it is sitting empty because it’s not really a legal property. We’ve tried to sell it with no luck. People want it because it’s in great condition but have no way or no place to move it. We only want $2500 for it so it’s a great deal for somebody who can move it. Has everything underneath that’s needed for the move. The deal now is that my daughter & her husband have separated & he has moved into the mobile & they are treating it as their property since it sits on their land. We have the deed to it however. Anybody know if they can lay claim to it? We want to get it off the land to get rid of the family feud it’s causing. It’s in Kent, WA & I don’t know what the laws are. Can anybody give me some advice on this? THanks!!! SUE

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If I were you I would sell it to them or someone on contract! Get some comp prices on mhomes like it! In the area! Then turn around and sell the contract for cash!And you will be done with it! Place an add that says owner will financing in the paper and sell it for the comp price The more you can get the better! If it is in good shape ! There are probably alot of young kids starting out that can’t get Bank financing and you can put them in a home they will own after a short term contract!! set up a contract with the buyer or your family member! Then sell that contract for cash to an investor who buys mobile home notes! Then You won’t be tied to it ! If your family signs a contract and then doesn’t pay when they are supposed to Either you or the investor that buys the contract can just put them out and sign another contract to a new buyer!! Place an add that says great mobile home for a a river cabin Owner will provide financing!!!or something and then sell it on contract to anybody who would like to have it! You will be suprized how many people will call you that would be interested even if they had to pay to have it moved!Tell your family member you are selling it!Set up a contract that includes hazard insurance incase anything should happen to the property and tak on the fair interest rate and figure all that in to the payment!! Plus you could get a down payment of like ten percent when you write the contract ! If you don’t really nneed the money then that will make it that much more sellable to a young struggling cuple Have the law remove your relatives if you have to! It is your property She can’t live there if you sell it! And someone comes and moves in or moves it ! You don’t have to tell them anything just sell it on contract to someone and then have her move out!!!Or make them sign a contract to buy it if they want to stay!!! Seems fair enough to me!!! Maybe they would like to buy it! If they knew they could do it that way!! If your family member doesn’t want it!! I am sure that there is someone in your area that could use the break you would be providing to them!!

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