Mr Bronchick what does this mean?

Should the undersigned become the last and highest bidder at the foreclosure sale, the Trustee is hereby authorized to transfer and assign said bid and to convey title to said foreclosed property to the Gulf Coast Baptist Association, Inc., or whomever the undersigned shall authorize. The statement in the Trustee’s Deed that the undersigned has requested transfer of its bid to grantee(s) in the Trustee’s Deed shall be binding on the undersigned and conclusive evidence in favor of the assignee or other parties thereto and that the Trustee is duly authorized and empowered to execute same.

Came out of a foreclosure notice////to me it means that the beneficiary (a church group)loaned money to another church and said churdh defaulted and beneficiary wants the property back and NOBODY except them can win at the sale.

I was incorrect…found the answer,it is:

Not so, this is not uncommon language. For example in all foreclosures on a VA loan if there is no third party successful bidder it is bid in for the lender and the bid is assigned to the VA and title goes to the VA. All of this is recited in the Trustees Deed.