my views of the world - Posted by Brian

Posted by Brian on September 01, 2003 at 24:06:36:

I have never posted here but I have been in the mhp business for 12 years and have done numerous "lonnie deals"
Here is what I think of things.
Be good to your kids, they all want love and look up to you as their role model.Love your wife with all your heart, in most cases she is your biggest supporter. Give 100% in all that you do, you get to where you are in life by the choices that you have made. Keep your credit good, with bad credit you, as bigjoe said last week, become a lonnie buyer NOT a lonnie seller. When things are bad keep your head up, they will turn around. When things are good dont get too cocky they can turn around as well. Dont associate yourself with negative people, negativity from others can bring you down as well. Exercise and eat right, keep your body and mind in good physical condition. Dont be jealous of other peoples success. Heck, talk to them and find out what they are doing and copy them. You dont have to reinvent the wheel.

Just what I think.
good luck to everyone.