Need Help/Ideas for Finding First Multifamily - Posted by East Coast Tony

Posted by Carl Lee on May 03, 2006 at 12:12:32:

I recently participated ina tele-conference with dave Lindahl. he suggested that you visit the local court house, specifically the housing atea that handles evictions. There you will find the names of private owners and property management firms that are seeking to evict tenants. These individuals are sometimes very motivated to sell there muti-family properties. when you visit that department, tell the receptionist you want the "Summary Process List’ She may not give it to you but instead direct you outside to the bulletin board where you will find the cases that are scheduled that day. You can also search the computer data bases to find the owners who are filing the eviction notices. Onceyou find them put them on your mailing list. Dave also recommends that you visit Here you can find property management firms that the designations of CPM and APR. These firms represent clients that have multi-family properties. Hope this helps.

Need Help/Ideas for Finding First Multifamily - Posted by East Coast Tony

Posted by East Coast Tony on May 03, 2006 at 10:42:15:

Hey Guys,

I love all of the posts and articles, this place is great! I have been flying through different real estate investment books and think that for me my first deal should be a multifamily property, residential or commercial. I have some money in the bank and could probably get a good partnership with a few investors. The problem I am having is a good property. The ones on MLS and loopnet just aren’t that great. Do you guys have any good strategies for hitting the rest of the market? I’m dying to get started. Thank you for the site and insights!