Need some help and info getting started - Posted by Terry

Posted by J. Heller on March 22, 1999 at 22:43:37:

While investigating as many links as I could find on the subject of Real Estate, I also came across the Intelli-Biz add and would have to say that it comes across pretty well. I am about 5 Hrs. into this field so, needless to say I am about as new as they come.

I ran across the ad while trying to find HUD, or foreclosed homes to possibly purchase as my first home. (I like to find as much information as I can on a subject before throwing myself headlong into whatever it may be) Just like Terry, I was wondering if the Poor man’s guide would be worth looking into. The cost is substantially lower that the C.S. courses ($64.95), while claiming the same strategies and more, including a one year money back guarantee.

This site has opened my eyes to many opportunity’s that exist in the Real Estate world, and I am becoming more interested as I read along. Particularly in “flipping”.
From what I’ve read so far, it seems to be the direction that first timers are pointed in.

I have $12,000 to put down on a home for myself and a good income (finally). I’m open to recommendations as to the best direction to invest my $$$ and make it work for me for a change while providing myself with a comfortable home.

I certain that someone out in cyberland can give me a few pointers that I haven’t already found in his forum.

Thank you for the help.

J. Heller

Need some help and info getting started - Posted by Terry

Posted by Terry on March 02, 1999 at 09:45:47:

Hello all, I am wanting to get some info.on the best way to get started in buying real estate and came across the course offered by Intelli-Biz ( the poor man’s guide to real estate investing ) and was wondering if anybody had heard of it,taken it or what. Any info would be appreciated.