I recently returned from speaking at Lonnie’s boot camp in Norfolk, VA. The event was excellent and the energy of the group was quite refreshing. It is so easy for us to get caught up doing our own thing and let’s face it, the routine and occassional frustrations can get anyone down over time.

I met so many people at this event that were doing gangbuster business all over the country. I went and met with an investor and toured his operation and am amazed at the deals he and his family have going on.

It seems that so often the glass is not even half full when we read or watch the news. As Lonnie teaches it is up to us to create our own economy and I have meet folks who literally have more deals they can do and I have met folks who can’t find any opportunity whatsoever.

I know I needed the boost and I hope that others who are finding it hard to see opportunity will do themselves the favor of attending some networking event soon. Everyone needs that recharge from time to time. If you are not finding deals then find out who is and go spend some time with them.