New Jersey and YOU - Posted by Scott

Posted by John Merchant on October 18, 2003 at 09:58:58:

You’re right. NJ is known to be a tough state in which to do business. Vested interests there(i.e. licensed folk)are not real friendly to new faces, and jealously guard their turf.

So advice? Be very careful, and it’ll probably pay you to have your NJ deals scrutinized by your NJ lawyer.

New Jersey and YOU - Posted by Scott

Posted by Scott on October 18, 2003 at 08:08:41:

I’ve noticed in numerous businesses like RE and Insurance that New Jersey does things very different. It seems much more strict and complicated. For example, there are only a small handful of states where you can’t get online car insurance quotes … Jersey is one of them. There were only about 5 states where this one school wasn’t offering a Real Estate Agent class online … Jersey was one of them.

So how would any of you recommend to someone new to REI to prepare for doing business in NJ.