New & UNCERTAIN - Posted by Richard TX

Posted by Richard (TX) on January 26, 2002 at 20:31:42:

Thanks for the responce. I have done one deal with raw land where I bought 45 acres 91K 80% loan at 7.5% for 15 YR, used part of 57K timber sell (14K for Down payment) the rest payed over 1 YR now have contract to sell off rock on land est. to pay off note and put 100K in pocket. I feel comfortable with raw land deals and have found an even better deal for next, but I am having RE agents call me with what sound like great deals on houses and commercial deals and have a desire to jump and I am guttsy, just don’t have the experence. I have tryed to locate a club close to me but can’t locate one. I would like to find someone I could learn from and trade ideas with. any ideas?

New & UNCERTAIN - Posted by Richard TX

Posted by Richard TX on January 26, 2002 at 19:25:43:

After reading articles and postings for hours I find myself uncertain if I am starting correct. I have a line on what I feel is a good commercial deal, a good land deal, as well as a good house deal. All are money makers. The problem is that in the articles on this site, the pro’s say to pick one field or area and due to the contacts I have, I keep finding deals in several areas of RE. What is a guy to do? Just walk away, or will I find myself trapped with more than I can handle? Being new I want to do what is right, not what I think I can handle. I just don’t want to lose money and go under before I get started. Should I walk on everthing except the best deal? If so I will go for the land. Anyone want the others? In Tyler TX Any and all responces Thanks in advance

Re: New & UNCERTAIN - Posted by Fred

Posted by Fred on January 26, 2002 at 19:49:20:

First off you need to know what is truly a deal by your local investors standards. Being a new guy you, seem to have what it takes from the heart up. Focus on one aspect at a time, because there are those who have instant success, and can’t deal with adversity. And those who plan and grow into realestate investors. If you have real deals and are having success, stay educated and fair about this business, and you will profit.