New & Young / Have Questions - Posted by Mike (HoustonTx)


Posted by phil fernandez on January 19, 1999 at 09:17:02:


Don’t do anything with mobiles until you get and read Lonnie’s two books, which are priced very reasonable. A beginner can read Lonnie’s books and apply the knowledge the next day. It is that easy to understand.


New & Young / Have Questions - Posted by Mike (HoustonTx)

Posted by Mike (HoustonTx) on January 19, 1999 at 03:25:18:

Hello to all,
My name is Mike out of Houston, Tx. I found this site while trying to research on the C.Sheets program and visit everyday reading the boards and stories. The conversations and stories and success shared has grabbed my interest in real estate even more. Reading through the authors, Lonnie grabbed my attention right away. So I believe i would like to start w/ M.Homes first(limited risk) but have a few questions…
-I wanted to know if Lonnie’s books are structed for the begginer like myself (no R.E. exp. at all)?
-Do I need to purchase both books to begin?
-Before I start in this bus. is there any other material that I should review, study, or read before i start?
*** Main Question ***
I am only nineteen with good credit. Cash available now is fair so the first few deals will be contract deals through the seller and probably buyer. Am I old enough in the state of Texas to write and hold contracts and/or be a landlord if need be?

I greatly appreciate any information, guidance, expertise on what I am able or should do.

Mike (Houston)