Newbie - Need Advice From the Experienced - Posted by wcor216

Posted by Gil on July 08, 2002 at 14:47:08:

Hi wcor216,

I was like you. I studied for about 6 years before I dove in. Really, the only thing I needed to do was take action! Do it Do it Do it! NOW! DON’T WAIT another second! Time is your most valuable assett! Go now and make offers! Go look @ properties! Go put an ad in the classified section saying, “Home for Rent/Sale, Owner financing, blah blah blah…” Then lease option the property out or flip it or Buy & Hold, whatever and make a killing! DO IT DO IT DO IT. Quit sitting there.

Good luck,


Newbie - Need Advice From the Experienced - Posted by wcor216

Posted by wcor216 on July 08, 2002 at 14:08:37:

I am a newbie and have been reading r.e. investing material for a while. I actually bought the Carleton Sheets course about five years ago (although not been putting it to work like I should) and have been reading books recommended from the other real estate investors featured on this site. The one thing right now that keeps stopping me from pursuing this career is my thinking that I am not going to be able to find the renters once I get a hold of a property. I do believe that there are many creative ways in financing properties and that doesn’t seem as big a concern to me as the renter aspect and the property management. I would definitely appreciate anyone’s advice in helping me get over myself in this way of thinking. I also realize that this is probably only one area of real estate investing and there are many more avenues to pursue but this is one I would feel comfortable in starting with for now. Any advice would be appreciated in helping me deal with my making this a mountain instead of keeping it as a molehill. Thanks!!!