Owner wont approve my buyers help

Ok , i have done 6 lonnie deals and really enjoy them and have had good success all from reading his books and this forum. I bought a home from a lady 8 months ago she had home for year and couldnt sell, it was awful nasty pig pen paid 350.00 one months rent , cleaned it up but didnt remodel tried to sell without new carpet etc not bad only asked 3500.00 she turned down every one not enough money , no rental history or not perfect, only got 2 people aproved and they backed out one due to finances other thought to much work to fix, ok i spent a week fixing floors new carpet and touch up paint clean roof etc raised price to 6500. 500 down 200 a month still no one could get approved . She just turned down my last app due to this lady does bady sitting on the state services program said she didnt have stable income .
i dont know what my options are they have probally been over 30 apps turned in. i lowered price to 4500 and am ready to give to park if i can . cant keep paying space rent. thanks sorry its long. thanks Bob

This is a bummer. Is this the first home you have had in that park?
What year is the home? Is it a candidate for pulling to a more friendly park?

Ask the PM what they want from you. Have they seen it fixed up?
How are you advertising?
If you are advertising in craig’s list put all the requirements the park is looking for too, so people qualify themselves before calling.


I have no direct experience in the MH market.

What I am hearing when I read the above is the park really does not want you to succeed. They love the fact that you are fixing it up and they will end up stepping in when you have to drop it. Or they are looking to get the home out of the park but they do not want to be direct about it.

As Steve said, speak with the PM and see what you can learn about their agenda. Maybe ask around if you can find anyone else who has tried to sell in the park.

Take to your Small Claims Court

Every state has some form of Small Claims Court where anybody can file, using a simple OTC form to sue anybody else.

With what you’ve already spent in time and $$ I’d say you’ve got much to gain and little to lose doing so.

I’m thinking the Judge will, after hearing both sides likely rule that she’ll either perform as agreed immediately, give you a lien on the MH that’ll get you paid when she sells or some other equitable relief.

park wont approve buyers

i have talked to them exstensivly, its 68 home but has new siding, stick built doors, sheet rock . covered porch , the park owner told me yesterday that another couple i have interested are to young , they are in 20s and have 2 small kids under 2 years. also found out another person the park manager didnt even turn her app in to owner, and returned money back , and mentioned i told bob (me) not to buy here as most sellers end up giving homes back to park. after talking to owner i have decided to talk to housing authorities as to park descrimination of my buyers she cant tell me buyers to young its a family park. i have also been told by manager she wants to turn it into 55 over park . Lots of red flags now i dont want to loose this deal but am running out of time and money to keep it going i advertise and screen everyone very close . Never had any problems in any park before now.

The age discrimination is a big problem for the park, if that’s in fact what happened.

Not to be rude, but I can’t make heads or tails of the rest of your post. I got tired and confused just trying to read it. A little effort spent on punctuation and complete sentences would go a long way toward making your points, and requests for help, more clear.

My guess is the park owner only verbally said that the couple was too young. He could deny he ever said that. If they actually applied and were otherwise qualified, then turned down then you each MAY have a lawsuit waiting to be filed.

Basically, you are being screwed. Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should. It happens when we play on other people’s property and they are unethical,-not necessarily criminal. They have the reigns to control you. In most cases it is a live-and-learn situation. They want the title to that home, especially now that you fixed it up.

They might have even warned: “…not to buy here as most sellers end up giving the home back to the park.” Now we know why! They catch newbie Lonnie Dealers and the like on purpose, sweet talk them, screw them, then take the home when the investor gives up. Lovely business model.

It is usually very hard, expensive, aggravating, and health-defeating to go after these types of people. After all, they can claim they approved two of your people! Even though they probably scared the crap out of the folks about how bad it was and how much money it would cost to fix it.

I would quietly remove all the carpet and anything else you can use in another home even stuff that was already there. Then walk in to the manager’s office with the title and keys saying you are giving up on this business, you just don’t get how to do it right, etc, etc, etc. Make them think you are done, done done. That way they are less likely to come inspect the home (with missing stuff). Make sure after they sign, YOU go transfer the title into their name so the home is OUT OF YOUR NAME.

If they won’t take it off your hands as above, put an ad on craigslist for “Cheap mobile home. Livable, MUST BE MOVED.-$1000 cash” or whatever you can get. It will have to be cheap because of the expense of moving. Somebody might want to take it to their camp or farm or use it for storage, whatever. Again be sure to transfer title yourself to be sure you are no longer liable. A few dollars to you and an empty lot to them is better than nothing to you and something for them.

NO MORE LOT RENT! It will cost them $$ to evict you for non-payment, so what!


Helpful court decis vs. MHO

WA State Supr Court decis recently really blasted discriminatory MHPO’s obstructed MH’s owner trying to sell his MH.

He finally got weary of MHO turning down every buyer prospect and sued the MHPO and WA Supr Court found for him, against the MHPO for about $100k.

Etheridge vs. Hwang which Google can quickly find for you.

Good luck.