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Posted by Danny on September 01, 2003 at 20:48:38:

Carleton Sheets gives great information to the beginning investor. His course will broaden your way of thinking about creative financing. If you are seasoned in real estate I don’t recommend the course. But for a beginner I think Its great. I don’t know what course he is offering at the moment nor do I know for how much. I Bought the course a few years ago and got about a dozen cd’s full of info and a large workbook. What helped me the most was the time I put in to absorb all the info, which for some may take longer than the 30 day trial time. The other suggestion I would make to you if I could, would be to purchase a couple of books on real estate law for your state. I found mine at the local college book store.
The Best Of Luck To You,

poll - Posted by brooks reynolds

Posted by brooks reynolds on August 29, 2003 at 13:01:03:

I just found this site today,researching Carleton Sheets’ course.I have read several of the posts,but what I want to do is get a poll;
I have no money,not much credit,and absolutely zero real estate experirnce.How many of you would recomend Sheets’ course.

I am not looking to “get rich quick”,I just want to build a decent income and work from home(be my own boss).
Thank You,
Brooks Reynolds