possible 2 family + small commercial building purchase - almost no money, bad credit

New to this site - looked around quick - I have to do a ton of reading!

Here in MA, in a small very desirable affluent town, there is what appears to me to be a good deal on the market at around 255k asking price. If anyone could give advice or point me in the right direction or where to go on this site, very much appreciated

The house is in the center of town, nice old 1700’s colonial in need of rehab with 2 - 2 bed, 1 bath apartments. There is also a small commercial building that is currently rented. Not many rentals in this town, seems as if the rents would more than pay for a mortgage payment.

My situation is bad credit, not much dough, and I am in the construction field. I could do the rehab myself.
I would not necessarily have to live in the the property, but could possibly use the commercial building.
I also have a 24 year old daughter who may be able to rent the place with her fiancé. She does have good credit if I were to bring her into any finance scenarios. She may even be interested in purchase? I’m trying to think outside the box.

Thanks for any guidance