Possible Mobile Home Deal...Need Advice - Posted by Jim_NC

Posted by Jim_NC on January 26, 1999 at 21:44:08:

I had a guy call me about some mobile homes he wants to get rid of. I know nothing about mobile homes, what to look for, what they are worth.

Here is what I know about them so far. He has 3 singles and a double. The 3 singles are rented for $550/mo each and the double he lives in. Each trailor is on a deeded lot. He doesn’t owe anything on the 3 singles and owes $100K on the double(it is sitting on 1 acre) I have no idea what the prop. is worth yet.

How should I approach him on putting this deal together? He wants to retire and move to the beach and just wants rid of them. All I really know is L/O’s so any advice will be greatly appreciated.