pre-foreclosures dropped in my lap HELP!!! - Posted by A. Coehins Wallace

Posted by scottie a. forrest on October 29, 2003 at 01:05:40:

If you have someone who wants to sell and move on i can make an offer and split the profits with you which is better than a bird dog fee !!. I can be reached at 904-745-8066

pre-foreclosures dropped in my lap HELP!!! - Posted by A. Coehins Wallace

Posted by A. Coehins Wallace on July 08, 2003 at 14:08:08:

my partner and I have been reading this site and have fixed up a few properties (smile)

But guess what!! I had a call late sunday nite from a home owner in distress that was referred to me by a former client that I sold a fix-upper too. She had not worked in 1 year and is about 3 months behind on her mortgage payments (now my specialty is stricly fix up sell and move on) but since it was a referral I listened !

I turned her over to an associate of mine by (conference call that sunday nite) from listening to the conversation he decided to do a short sale if I am correct! she will have to sell her house and take what’s left on the table.

The thing is I beleive I could have done the same things he did

1.confirmation letter from home owerner to the bank to talk to the mortgage Co.(review file)

  1. and have her agree to most of the particulars! (I will receive a bird-dog fee of $2,500! from the broker.

and guess what as of this e-mail message I beleive I have another client who called me to say that a friend of his in Baltimore wants to cash out of her house and move to a retirement home!

should I contact a person who buys houses for cash!

or work something out with her or maybe I could do a hold and try to find an investor or write a mortgage note and find a buyer!

thats why I fix-up houses and put section 8 tenants in them too complicated for me! but I beleive I can do this!!

HELP!! A. Coehins