private deal - Posted by vr

Posted by Matthew on August 09, 2007 at 09:57:56:

The days of making a deal based on equity are now based on the ability to repay the loan. can you pay $23,500 a month??3m @60% LTV thats 1.87 mil at 15% interest only. do you have that the credit and kind of ability?, are you hedging on using the kickbacked 60k after closing costs to fund it for 2.5 mos. I 'm not trying to be difficult just upfront and shine some reality on the deal.I can say this becauuse I see this all day everyday.

private deal - Posted by vr

Posted by vr on August 08, 2007 at 22:51:47:

I found a property which has appraisals ranging from 2m to 3.1m. The owner needs to transfer immediately ( they built home in 2001 @1.2m and have made a lot of improvements i.e.finished basement, added conservatory, pool plus plus plus) they only want 1.761,000 but a fast closing.

Will this work I agreed to purchase at the appraised value the seller holds an interest only second for 825,000 15 year note, I finance the rest, the seller gives an additional 6% for closing assistance. Tne seller gives back the difference between 2,275,000 and 1.761,000 less closing cost. The seller is willing to help anyone who will do a quick sale (How do i structure this part, do i state it as a lease back option purchase in a separate agreement)

How do i structure this so it is legal. The seller really does not care about the 825,000 they would just sign off on it but I thought we should do an interest only so its okay with the IRS. But how do we structure so they can later forgive the 2nd loan or I can purchase the note for .01 cent on the dollar.

IS there another way?