Private mortgages for Real Estate Investors.. - Posted by Darrin (GA)

Posted by Jason-DTX on March 09, 1999 at 24:59:03:

I have it and its like any other course from Legrand, excellent and worth the money. However it is a course for finding a lot of private investors for the purpose of being a Hard Money Mortgage Broker (lots of ideas on marketing for lenders and borrowers). If you just want to find a few lenders for your own deals, then he offers a cheaper course that includes just the basics for for finding private money.
I think all or most of his stuff offers some type of money back guarantee although I’ve never known anyone to use it.
Jason Windholz

Private mortgages for Real Estate Investors… - Posted by Darrin (GA)

Posted by Darrin (GA) on March 08, 1999 at 23:11:14:

I didn’t get a response to this question on the other board so I thought I’d ask it here. Has anyone seen Ron Legrand’s Mega Mortgage Seminar on private mortgages for investors.

If you’ve seen it, please tell me about it. Is it worth the $500 and if so, WHY? I’m willing to pay if it is worth it, but if it is just hype or unrealistic I’ll never get my money back. Doesn’t anyone have this course?

I’d also be interested in any other info, websites, or courses on the subject.

Thanks! I love this place.