Problem Agent Please Help - Posted by Vince


Posted by George on January 28, 1999 at 23:54:58:

If property is in MLS, simply go to another broker and the commission will be split. Even if it is an exclusive listing, and the broker has never showed it to you, then he may have a hard time proving he was the “procuring cause” if you waited until the listing expired. In any event, it’s really not your concern. If the sellers will deal with you, whatever commissions are due are their responsibility.


Problem Agent Please Help - Posted by Vince

Posted by Vince on January 26, 1999 at 24:38:28:

I am having a problem with an Agent and his Broker.
I found a property that I can do a L/O on but the
owners want me to go thru their Agent. I have tried
to set up a time to see the property for two weeks.
I made two appointments with the agent and both times
I waited a half an hour after the time the agent had
set to meet but he didn’t show up. Each time I get a
call from the agent making it seem that I should have
waited for him. By this time I am a little ticked off
so I called the owners and told them I am having trouble
getting to see the property. I asked them if we can meet
to work out the details and they said yes. I guess that
they called the broker and told him they were not happy
with service. Well the broker called me and made every
excuse he could including a flat out lie for his agent.
He told me that the agents mother is dieing. This made
me feel bad for him but I found out my wife who does
nails for a living did her nails yesterday and is in no
way sick like the broker said.
Sorry this is so long but I am not sure how to handel this
problem. The house can make me some good money but I don’t
think I want the agent or the broker to make anything
because of their unethical behavior. Should I call them on
this lie or just walk away from the deal. The broker said
they will get a commission because we have talked about
the property even if I wait until the listing expires.
Please any advice and I will be most greatful.