Question for Stacy (AZ) - Posted by SteveA (FL)

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on April 06, 2000 at 01:00:32:

Hi John-

I described my postcards at Joe Kaiser’s site at the following URL.


Question for Stacy (AZ) - Posted by SteveA (FL)

Posted by SteveA (FL) on April 05, 2000 at 06:27:26:

Hi Stacy. I saw some of your posts on another board. You mentioned the FARES product. I went to their web site and did not specifically see a product by that particular name. Which one of Firt American’s products do you use? Is it the Win2Data 2000?

Also, you mentioned a high volume of postcards that you send out. May I ask how you find that number of recipients?

I live in a county of about 20,000. In particular, I’m on a resort island where property is appreciating rapidly. I have yet to make a purchase but have made a couple of offers. Usually, on weeekends, I’ll drive around and get 10 or 15 addresses to send postcards to. But I think I need to get more volume out there.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Question for Stacy (AZ) - Posted by Stacy (AZ)

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on April 05, 2000 at 12:00:05:

Hi Steve-

So…you’re living on a resort island in Florida? I’m a certified SCUBA diver living in the desert, and my mind starts to daydream when I think about living in a place like that.

Anyway, yes, the FARES product is called Win2Data 2000. The program is very powerful, allowing sophisticated searches of the tax data for a county of interest. The tax data is much richer in content than most people realize, with all sorts of information about properties.

I set-up a search of my county’s data, for houses within the zip-codes I like to farm in Phoenix, at price ranges I’m interested in, along with a few other filters. I specify that the MAILING address zip-code must be outside the Phoenix area. What FARES returns to me is a list of out of town owners of property in Phoenix.

FARES automatically formats mailing labels from these addresses, and I simply print them onto the labels. May last mailing was about 1800.

Also, with FARES I can run comps, map properties on a street map, draw an area on a map to search and analyze, look at any plat map, among other things. I find it a required tool for what I do. Instant access to all the data is a big asset.

Joe Kaiser has a special deal with his sales rep for the online version. However, I get the CDs for my county delivered once a month since I use it so frequently.

If you’re curious about pricing, it would be best to call a sales rep. near you, or Joe’s rep. Keep in mind that they are willing to deal on the price…so negotiate.

As an aside, remember that to get more leads it makes sense to use several marketing strategies at once. Someone said, “five lines in the water”.

Good luck!


Postcards - Posted by JohnH

Posted by JohnH on April 05, 2000 at 13:33:33:


Would you mind sharing what it is you write on your postcards for out of town owners? Do you print your own, or do you use a service? Thanks for any input.