Question on Postcards

I am about to do a postcard mailing to absentee owners to sniff out motivated sellers. Does anyone have examples of text that has proven to work?




By absentee owners you mean owners who are not looking after their property and might consider selling or what? Your question is not clear.

You can get addresses of absentee owners from tax record, which local title companies might be able to provide, otherwise you can find a list source on the Internet cheap. I like to do a postcard first, which is cheaper, to weed out the bad addresses (public records can be off my as much as 20% with bad addresses). For easy postcard design, try - they will also mail your postcard after you upload the list. The message I’ve always used is simple - CASH FOR YOUR PROPERTY… NO BROKERS, NO BANKS, NO BS. This will offend a few people, but heck, if you aren’t offending someone, you aren’t doing enough business!

Wait a month or so, then try a yellow letter campaign to the good addresses. There are many yellow letter services available. My campaign is rather simple:

"Dear Bob,

My wife and I am looking for a house in Shady Acres Subdivision, and we happened upon your property at 1345 Oak Street. We looked up the owner on public records and got your info (I hope you don’t mind).

If you have any interest in selling, please call me at XXX-XXXX. We are looking to move on this quickly, so please call asap because we are motivated to get a house like yours.

If you prefer, my email is


Bill Bronchick

PS - I am not a broker trying to list your house, my wife and I are seriously looking to buy a house in Shady Acres."

This letter IMPLIES you are buying it to live in, but if you ready carefully it does not say that. It will keep people off their guard, which is usually the case if you approach them as an investor.

You MUST handwrite the envelope (no label) and use a stamp, with just a return address and no name. I prefer an INVITATION envelope vs. a regular number 10, since it looks more personal.

Good luck!

There are many great letters to write if you just Google search it.
I usually test out about a batch of 100 at a time on postcard to see if the cards get good responses.
As William mentioned earlier, this is a good check on verifying correct mailing addresses without spending a bundle.
Lastly, resend contacts of either yellow letters or postcards at least 6 times to the same address for best response rates.
Good luck!

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My favorite postcard is done on USPS plain white with the simple message:

No Brokers, No Banks, No BS

Guaranteed offer over the phone

Call Bill 303-555-5555

I have a book in my library on what sells in advertising.

NOTHING in the world sells like the word "[SIZE=“5”]FREE"[/SIZE]. If you can figure a way to put that into your mailing it will help.’

Gary Halbert Letters

Google “Gary Halbert Letters” and look at some of his copywriting ideas.

He was the master for direct mail.