QUESTIONS ON FLIPS - Posted by Jason

Posted by SCook85 on June 01, 1999 at 19:48:30:

You don’t need anmy money to do a flip is you do it right. First of all you should not let the realtor you are working with know that your intentions are to flip the property. You should just get a property under contract then bring it to your buyers. It really is that easy if you have good buyers.


QUESTIONS ON FLIPS - Posted by Jason

Posted by Jason on June 01, 1999 at 19:39:14:

I bought Ron LeGrand’s book on FAST CASH and have questions concerning flips. Are quick flips able to be made without me having to come up with any money? How can I flip a house to another buyer without paying to get the title? I have several buyers lined up for houses and receive several list of houses well below market value from realtors. In these cases, would the realtors frown on these situations (me taking a house from the seller’s list of houses and flipping it to a buyer who says he will pay cash. I have found many of these buyer’s in the real estate wanted section of the sunday paper. It just seems too easy and I’m afraid to make the 1st deal and wipe myself out (I am going to be using these 1st couple of deals to clear away my credit debt, 20,000 so that I can look into investing in rentals as well as flips.