Quick repair estimate - Posted by Leon

Posted by Bert G on May 22, 1999 at 15:01:46:

You can find the reodel cost guide at Amazon.com

They make it tricky if you try the author or title search, but here’s the ISBN number: 007041593


Quick repair estimate - Posted by Leon

Posted by Leon on May 22, 1999 at 01:55:52:

I’ve got two questions concerning repairs. I am just beginning to look at some dumps. Some of them I can’t get into to look at. Legrand says he can look at the outside of a house and just assume the worst and make an offer. I am going to get some contractors in the area to let me go with them on some of their walk thru’s in return for future business hopefully. Just so you know I’m not trying to take short cuts I AM trying to learn the art of repair estimate.

  1. What figure would you use if the inside of a 1200 sqft house completely needs to be redone. Including hvac, appliances, walls, most flooring, everything.

  2. Would you replace what looked like a tin roof with shingles and what would be the cost.

Thanks. Getting my contracts together and hope to have a success story soon.

Leon (NC)

Re: Quick repair estimate (long reply) - Posted by Glenn-PA

Posted by Glenn-PA on May 22, 1999 at 07:15:12:

Leon - So far I’ve rehabbed three properties and am beginning my fourth (1st was a fourplex in Baltimore, 2nd and 3rd were SFH’s in PA). I’m not a contractor but I can do most repair/remodel projects. I have done the bulk of the work myself, however I have also hired contractors as needed or desired. So far I have made a nice profit on every project. My advice would be to get lots of estimates for each project as you will find large fluctuations in pricing from contractors. For instance, I’ve gotten four estimates from painters for the current project I’m working which have ranged from $1900 to $3500. Make sure you give them all the same specifications for the work you want done so you are getting comparable bids. I would also recommend buying Marshall & Swift Home Repair and Remodel Cost Guide and refer to it often. This will give you an idea if your contractor is taking you to the cleaners, however I find I can normally contract the work at lower prices than found in Marshall & Swift. Also, let me give you a tip that has worked out great for me in terms of finding reliable, competent handymen. If you know a cop or fireman, ask them if anyone on the department takes side jobs. These guys often “moonlight” and are reliable and trustworthy. They often have days off in the middle of the week or all week if they work an evening shift. Using this method, I located a licensed electrician who charges $15 per hour. He completely rewired house #2 and #3 for less than $2000 each. As you complete a few projects, you will begin to build a relationship with some contractors as well as a feel for pricing. I normally do not replace a roof unless its leaking or looks really bad. For a tin roof, if it is watertight, it can be coated to look nice. The tin roof on house #2 (1200 sq ft) cost $500 to coat. Again, get several estimates. Finally, and I’m sure some will disagree, if I were just starting out, I would not buy a house without having inspected the inside. An expensive surprise at this early stage could derail you for years. Hope all this helps - sorry so long.

Re: Quick repair estimate (long reply) - Posted by Judy

Posted by Judy on May 22, 1999 at 12:43:31:

Where can I find a copy of Marshall & Swift Home Repair and Remodel Cost Guide? I searched for it on-line at Barnes and Noble – No luck.

Thanks for your help.