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Posted by David Krulac on December 04, 2000 at 19:05:08:

Many of the mobile homes on tax sale are on rented land, such as mobile home parks and therefore are not deeded property. There is no land assoicated with it.
The Pa. law specifically EXCLUDES ground rent as being wiped out by the tax sale. Obviously, the result of a strong MHP lobby.

And while there is no redemption period in Pa. The sale can be contested for up to SIX years! Usual grounds for contest are inadequate notice. Pa. law require 3 forms of notice, advertisement publication, posting of property, and notice to the owner. If ALL three notices are not satisfied then the sale is nullified.

Just today I was in an attorney’s office, an one of his clients wanted to challenge the tax sale. Seems him and the Mrs. aren’t getting along, heading for a possible divorce, but still living together. The certified mail notice for the tax sale comes and the wife signs and doesn’t tell the husband. That’s clear grounds for overturning the tax sale.

The law may say one thing, but judges can say another, witness Florida. While the law comes down hard on tax delinquents, the judges don’t want to kick little old ladies out on the street. Therefore, if the sale is contested even long after the sale, the judge will do everything to overturn the ssle, particularily if the owner says they pay the taxes!

Additional problems with mobile homes is that it may be hard to locate them. The MHP may move them to a stroage area so that the can re-rent the lot; so don’t assume that the mobile you’re looking for is at the address where its supposed to be. I’ve seen that happen more than once. Also sometimes the mobiles on tax sale are burn out shells. And lastly most sales in Pa. do not wipe out mortgages, leins, judgements, IRS leins, secured transactions, or mechanics leins.
Good Luck

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I attended a Real estate tax sale in Pennsylvania.
No one bidded on the mobile homes. In this county, there is absolutely no redemption period. Once you pay the back taxes, the house is yours. No one seemed interested in the mobile homes. What happens when you pay the taxes on a mobile home? I need a immediate response. Another tax sale is coming up next week. I’ll check out the homes and bid on one or two. If I can take (fee simple) ownership of the homes.

Please respond A.S.A.P