Realtors and flips - Posted by lezlie

Posted by Sean on January 24, 1999 at 12:06:05:

The Realtors I know all want to use their own forms and buyers get edgy when you’re not using a standard form but one of your own.

The solution is simple, get a good addendum. Whatever contingencies you need should be inserted. I include a blank space on mine to insert the property address, the date and the initials of the buyer and seller.

At a minimum make sure you have a liquidated damages clause, a “wiggle out” clause and the right to assign.

Realtors and flips - Posted by lezlie

Posted by lezlie on January 24, 1999 at 10:10:25:

I read the past thread regarding realtors and flips and it was very helpful, however I have a few other questions.
My contract allows for a couple of contingency clauses and assignable clause. Should I just try to include these as addendums in the Realtors contract or should I try to use my own contract? Also after contract is signed, how do you have access to a home to show to prospective investors? Normally I get a key, but how should I approach the realtor on this? I also want to flip to prospective buyers that call me, is this ok?