Refused zoning permit - Posted by Bryan

Posted by GerryH VA on February 08, 2002 at 15:05:15:

I currently work for a local government in VA and the best thing to do is first make sure they have something in the zoning or building code that allows them to deny a new trailer coming in. What is your current zoning? If it is zoned for a MHP, I am not sure what they are using to deny newer homes being brought in. Many local govt’s are trying to phase out MHP by not allowing newer homes to be brought in. If there is not a precedent or code that allows this, I am not sure they can legally stop you. This would be attorney time.

If they have set a precedent or there is something in the code that allows for example, “run down parks must be brought into compliance before new homes are allowed to be moved” or some language to this effect, I would then work with them and show them your plan. Show them a plan that for example shows in five years what the MHP will look like. Then stick to it. If you still have trouble at the staff level, you can take it to council. Again, do your homework and be prepared. Don’t make it sound like you vs the Town. Tell Council that you have a plan and the finances to back it up. You just can’t do it all right now due to finances. Show them what you have done to date as well.

It does not help to fight the Town unless they are unfairly treating you (i.e., no code to back thier decision up) or treating you differently then someone else in the past.

Good Luck

GerryH VA

Refused zoning permit - Posted by Bryan

Posted by Bryan on February 08, 2002 at 06:20:40:

I have a question for anyone who could help. First, I am a MHP owner 22 space park, 22 park owned homes that are rented out . A little over a year ago, I purchased this run-down park in NC. Since then, I have replaced six MHs and have painted others, planted trees and generally made the park look much better. The other day when I went into the town hall to get my seventh permit to pull out an old home and bring in a newer model, I was refused. The town planner says that not enough is getting done in the park and he wants to see new decks built and underskirting replaced on some of the homes. Spend $1000 on new decks and underskirting on a $200 mobile home? - especially a mobile that will be replaced within 2 years- doesn’t make sense.

My question is - how can I deal with this? I’ve done more work in that park in one year than in the past 10 years.
What’s to stop the town council from getting unreasonable?
Of course I explained my situation - but it did not help.
Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.