REI Clubs in Northeastern Ohio? - Posted by BK

Posted by Chris on October 31, 2003 at 06:03:57:

Shula’s steak house every wed morning there is an excellent Investment Club meeting. Check the Plain dealer under Investment Property for the phone number.

REI Clubs in Northeastern Ohio? - Posted by BK

Posted by BK on October 28, 2003 at 10:09:20:

Hello. I’m another beginner looking to put together my first deal in the Cleveland/Akron area and surronding suburbs. I’ve completed required courses for being licensed in Ohio (P&P,Law,Appraisal,Finance), and read countless books on many different aspects of REI. I have compiled a great wealth of knowledge in which I plan to use to be successful. The next step I wish to take is to join a REI club in the above named area. As a beginner, I am not certain how many exist in my area or which would be the right one to choose. I would simply like to inquire of anyone who has knowledge and/or recommendations of clubs in my area to respond. Responses may e-mailed in the event they may be viewed on the message bored as solicitations. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I desire to attend a meeting as soon as possible. Thanks again.