REI in METRO DETROIT - Posted by Lauren

Posted by Blane (MI) on March 16, 2000 at 10:27:43:

Congratulations on graduating. Fairly new myself, but maybe I can help. Do you have an idea of what area of real estate you might want to do, i.e. landlord, flips, lease/options, mobile homes etc.? What area of Detroit do you live, is that the market you know, or is it Albion?

You will do yourself good reading all the free stuff here. Plus lots of folks on the board here are really good about answering questions and helping out. I personally am getting into mobile homes, but a number of people from the Detroit area (I live Downriver) have been posting lately. If you can, attend a real estate investment club meeting. Look here under investment clubs for one which meets the 2nd Friday of each month in Royal Oak. Pick your niche (if you haven’t already), educate yourself, and do it!

If I can help at all, email me anytime.

Good luck,

Blane Swenson

REI in METRO DETROIT - Posted by Lauren

Posted by Lauren on March 13, 2000 at 19:32:00:

hello everybody. I am a newbie at this and canot seem to be able to get people to take me seriously because of my age. I am 21 years old and soon to graduate from Albion College. I am looking for someone in the metro area willing to help me out and show me the ropes and guide me in doing a couple of deals. Somewhat like a mentoring program. Because this is time, I would consider sharing some profit to the right opportunity.
I have read quite a few books, know my market, am extremly hard working and have a lot of potential.
Please email me if you think you could help.