Repo'ing an ex-tenants truck - Posted by Eddie-Mi

Posted by Steve-WA on April 29, 2006 at 23:14:31:

personal property and effects - includes a truck too, don’ it?

I’d shore think so!

Follow the abandonment statutes to the letter, and with the appropriate amount of time, you will be truckin’. And as far as changing locks, well, your statute probably says safe storage for their belongings for X number of days following delivery of notice to their last known address, or somesuch, so change 'em, and your trailer becomes a storage unit! At least that’s how it works here. Then after X number of days, you can sell or dispose of the personal property without prejudice - if you sell, it goes against what they owe. If you dispose, well, its disposed! I opt for disposal, every time.

BTW, where are they?

Repo’ing an ex-tenants truck - Posted by Eddie-Mi

Posted by Eddie-Mi on April 29, 2006 at 18:29:39:

I am currently in process of getting possession on a home I sold several years ago. The tenants have been gone for several months and have abandoned the unit + left behind a 1993 Ford pickup. I decided not to change locks because of the large amount of items in the house (not all is junk). I have the keys to the truck at this time (long story). Going to retake possession of the house and get a judgement against them for about 2000 total.

Question: Is there anyone who can suggest how I can get a title to the ex-tenants truck (state is Michigan)?

Re: Repo’ing an ex-tenants truck - Posted by Joel (MI)

Posted by Joel (MI) on May 02, 2006 at 07:30:54:

It used to be that you go to secretary of state and say a vehicle was abandoned on your property and you want to get title, They give you yellow and green form. Green form is for police to inspect Vin number on vehicle to make sure it wasnt stolen, then you fill out yellow form as to why you should get title and return both forms to secretary of state. I was doing this all the time at my MHPs. Now secretary of state says that is only for storage facilities or wrecker services. But, a couple of my tenants are still getting titles by telling secretary of state that they bought the vehicle and lost the title before they applied for title transfer and they are following the process through. I was thinking if its worth the hassle of calling a wrecker service and get vehicle impounded and see if for a fee they would help in getting title?