Return C.S.coaching program - Posted by CK

Posted by Bill on May 15, 1999 at 20:09:33:

I was satisfied with the basic course, viewing it as a way to get some orientation into the area of re. My accouting and computer background makes me look for more facts, and my experience when I was trying to get a book contract with Executive Reports (Prentice Hall) lead me to think that it had gaps that could have been structured to require more books. I do not accuse, but I do wonder. I will probably buy more of his products, and if one of his ideas pays for me, I might be in his infomercial. I listen to that infomercial once a week or so, but I am doing my morning exercise most of the time.

If anyone has a problem returning anything he sells, they should let the readers of this board know. Emails from a few concerned students of his might influence some action to change the ways of a clerk that isn’t making sure the customers are satisfied.

His infomercial says money back on the basic course. I don’t know what his other literature or web site says.

Return C.S.coaching program - Posted by CK

Posted by CK on May 14, 1999 at 15:23:20:

Has anyone try to return or sell the coaching program?