Russ Whitney, C.S. or Ron LeGrand??? - Posted by Peter Wells

Posted by Mike oldfield on May 14, 1999 at 24:39:29:

Thanks JP for taking the time to write. Sorry for my misunderstanding. I try hard to respect your policy and to add meaningful contributions to this site often.

I love this site and I appreciate your hard work.

Mike Oldfield

P.S. LeGrand is well respected by those I respect. I prefer other methods and strategies. This is not to say I dont appreciate his contributions. Thanks again for agreeing to disagree.

Russ Whitney, C.S. or Ron LeGrand??? - Posted by Peter Wells

Posted by Peter Wells on May 13, 1999 at 21:47:45:

Pros and cons…Who has the best R.E.I. strategies?

Re: Russ Whitney, C.S. or Ron LeGrand??? - Posted by Richard Roop

Posted by Richard Roop on May 17, 1999 at 20:09:59:

My vote is for Le Grand.

I have studied a number of courses including Sheets course and Whitney’s book. I recommend Le Grand’s three course modules (about $1100).

Using mostly what I learned from Ron LeGrand’s audio courses, but also ideas from many other books, tapes and seminars, I have made over 1/2 million dollars in the last 3 years.

Hands-on experience has taught me a lot. Basic effective marketing strategies will help any business succeed better. I attribute some of my success with being a student of good marketing and personal development.

Re: Russ Whitney, C.S. or Ron LeGrand??? - Posted by MIke Oldfield

Posted by MIke Oldfield on May 13, 1999 at 23:23:07:

My opinions are very strong. Please take no offense.

Russ Whitney - a few great ideas that have worked very well for me. Lots of motivational. Contains no where near the quantity or substance as most others. Dont need his course. Save yourself a bundle, Buy the book Building Wealth at the bookstore in paperback for about 15 bucks. Great supplemental material. Highly recommended for this purpose only. You will not get far with this alone. Again, this is a must read for supplemental material only

Carlton Sheets - Teaches exactly the same techniques as a $15 paperback book at the bookstore. Robert Allan Nothing down for the 90’s. Although there are many others, in my opinion Allan is the best alternative to Sheets. I can debate any one on this point. Bring it on, but remember that I have done MY home work and have read hundreds of books on this subject. Dont waste my time if you are a dork that likes to argue just for fun. I welcome meaningful debate always.

Legrand - He seems to be a hero at this site. I read one of his books and got a prompt refund. I collect books on this subject and have a very extensive liabrary. Because I refer back to them for reference often, I am always looking to expand my library for easy reference back to quality material. I was so unimpressed with this guy that I took the book back for a refund and got something else. I must say I prefer almost every other strategy under the sun to make money in real estate other than this guys. Sorry LeGrand fans I respectfully disagree with you.

Good Luck

Mike Oldfield

My opinions are sometimes zapped from this site by the editor because I recommend saving money on expensive courses by buying books at the bookstore. I have purchased several books from this site and have been very happy with the results.

Robert Shemin Good or Bad ??? - Posted by Peter Wells

Posted by Peter Wells on May 14, 1999 at 16:35:01:

Thanks so much for all your insight.

Does anyone know if Robert Shemin is legit
and are his materials any good ???

Thanks so much for your input.

Re: Russ Whitney, C.S. or Ron LeGrand??? - Posted by David Harris

Posted by David Harris on May 14, 1999 at 09:22:42:

Thanks for the post. It’s good too here the opinion of someone that will tell it like it is.

Re: Russ Whitney, C.S. or Ron LeGrand??? - Posted by Matthew Chan

Posted by Matthew Chan on May 14, 1999 at 24:54:21:

I wouldn’t consider myself a “groupie” of anyone in particular but I think I have really lucked out in getting some good books and courses for my library (except for some of John T. Reed’s outdated stuff) but I really enjoyed listening to Ron Legrand’s tapes.

He takes a very honest, straight-forward, down-to-earth approach. He is probably less refined in his presentation and demeanor than some others but I like the information he presents and how he explains WHY he does the way he does it.

I do have some criticisms about his manual. Some of the pages look like they have been copies of copies which makes some of it illegible or hard to read. Plus the text is a little light in content. If he could just polish up his manual, it would be outstanding.

Re: Russ Whitney, C.S. or Ron LeGrand??? ( a novel zzzzzzz ) - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on May 14, 1999 at 24:51:17:

You prefer Whitney over LeGrand?. I don’t get it. Whitney proposes working on houses ones self , perhaps even turning them into boarding houses & hard money doesn’t appear once in his materials. Also , not a peep about L/Os either…LeGrand proposes ( for the newbie ) flipping & L/Os. He also says one should not get sidetracked by anything that will keep one from making offers - like doing handyman work oneself. LeGrand also proposes ( again for newbies especially ) that if one wants to rehab & retail , hard money is faster & easier. So what if the intrest rate is high? It’s not the cost of the $ that’s important , it’s the availability. How many rookies w/less than good credit can get an investor loan from a bank?.. Whitney doesn’t even talk about land trusts once in his book , tapes , or three day seminar. Legrand devotes time to this important subject. …The Legrand book you are refering to is probably the Fast Cash book. LeGrand uses this book to get people interested in his tapes & eventually ,his bootcamps . So what I’m saying is he doesn’t give it all away in the paperback. I wish he did/could… & LeGrand does think rentals are a great way to gain true wealth , but only after todays bills are taken care of. He also doesn’t focus on rentals much because he did it and found that it wasn’t for him - he’s got the wrong temperment for all those little problems that come w/landlording. …And although SDI has sold those simulated bi-weekly mortgage acceleration programs , I’ve never heard him say a good thing about them. In fact, I’ve heard him say that they don’t make much sense - bravo! As for Russ , he just can’t seem to sell enough of that stuff. Booo!..Back to the boarding houses - how in the world can Russ tell newbies to go out & do such a stupid thing? For an experienced investor maybe, but a rookie? That’s not responsible in my opinion. Russ has done well for himself & is a good investor ( & his book is ok ) but those tapes are far from the best. … As far as Sheets goes , I have his course & think it is a good primer to rental real estate. …My only problem w/LeGrand is that he sometimes paints a little too rosey of a picture when it comes to real estate. But what great salesman doesn’t? Russ sure as heck paints an even prettier portrait. I’ll end w/this - if it wasn’t for Ron’s one day workshop that I saw of his 18 months ago , I would not have undertaken my journey into the world of creative real estate. … One more thing , I’m fairly new to this so take what I have to say for what it’s worth. Be well everybody.

We NEVER Edit for Content - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on May 14, 1999 at 24:21:08:

Mike, I’ve seen you make this comment several times. We
never “zap” anything on the basis of content or contrary
opinion as long as the post falls within the stated
Editorial Policy. After 5 days, all posts on the main
news group are archived due to space restrictions. As
soon as the search engine is fixed they will be part
of a searchable database.

For example, I think Ron LeGrand’s home study courses
are some of the best in the industry. You just disagreed
with that. I would never remove your post for that
reason alone.

JP Vaughan

Re: Robert Shemin Good or Bad ??? - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on May 15, 1999 at 03:01:10:

I saw him speak , & I was impressed. He has a good reputation. Take a look @ his resume, Goldman Sachs is one of the top firms on the Street. His courses are also relatively cheap. I don’t have any of them , but somebody ( from one of these N.G.s ) said he liked the course he bought.
I think I’m going to try his landlording course myself.