sales contracts, waivers,etc...advice needed - Posted by Imelda

Posted by Tony Colella on June 08, 2007 at 14:39:53:

Check the back of your book, its in there. You may also have state specific documentation (title vs UCC filing).

When you have gathered all of that info then tell the seller no deal unless you get a lien on the real estate.

Financing the home on someone else’s land is quite often the best gift you can give them.

If this is your first deal then don’t rely upon your memory from reading the book awhile back, read it now and then protect yourself by sticking to the manual. You need to know more about this deal then the buyer or you and your money will soon part in a manner you won’t necessarily like.


sales contracts, waivers,etc…advice needed - Posted by Imelda

Posted by Imelda on June 08, 2007 at 14:02:06:

Hi all, I just found this website, although I read Lonnies book a while back. I am in the midst of my first ‘deal’, have flipped a mobile home, am seller financing to a land owner. What documents, contracts, etc, do I need to close this deal? I know I need an installment contract, but are there any other documents that would protect me? What do you guys use…thanks in advance!