Scrap Laminate

I recently was working with a handyman to install laminate in a singlewide. I had to leave and did not leave any trim for the home (I always use 1x2 or 1x3 furring strips). When I came back he had the home completed and I was impressed with his idea.

Many of you may know that when you finish the last row on the laminate flooring you often have to rip (cut the board the long way). Sometimes you only use a couple of inches at best and the rest is thrown away.

Tom used the scrap and ripped uniform width sized pieces (about 2 2/1 inches wide) to trim out wall above the laminate flooring. He caulked it with painters caulk on top and it looked very nice. I don’t know if I will always do this but it sure looked good and was material we would otherwise have thrown away for the most part. Just another idea I thought I might pass along.


Post a photo! I wanna see it!

[QUOTE=Steve–WA;883125]Post a photo! I wanna see it![/QUOTE]

I don’t have any photos of this I am afraid. The home was rented before we finished so we were under a time crunch to get the work done and the tenant in. As you know, once a tenant moves and set up their furniture you are hardly able to see this shoe molding.

If we do this again I will take photos with my smartphone and see if I can figure out how to post them here!