Section 8 - Renewal - Posted by Eric

Posted by John J. on January 20, 2001 at 20:53:12:

Why do low income people have to live that way? Many times it is the other way around. The way they live is a manifestation of a mindset with which they treat everyting in their lives: education, career, etc. People that do not care about a good education or holding on to a good paying job often end up as low income citizens.

Section 8 - Renewal - Posted by Eric

Posted by Eric on January 19, 2001 at 20:33:38:

This past month, January 2001, Section 8 Tenant paid late
with only a $ 25.00 Late Fee. I want to raise it.
Her new lease term starts on Feb. 1st
Can I impose a $ 50.00 Late Fee without 30 Days notice or can I say as of March 1, 2001 - Late Fee will be $ 50.00

Section 8 wrote up some repairs but I found many more - are the inspectors blind. Why do I have to replace a passage way door knob when there was one there last year and now is missing ? Can I request the tenant to pay for it ?

If after the repairs are made and it passes inspection -
What if I don’t get my rent raise, can I give 30 day notice on Feb 1st to be out by March 1st - get the old rent - or
does Section 8 suspend rent payment - what if tenant refuses to move in 30 days. Since it is Feb. do they get to move out by March 2 ?

Why doesn’t Section 8 require Tenant to keep their place cleaner ? Section 8 Tenant owns three sweepers but can’t use them. Can I impose so cleanliness Issues - carpet vacuuming, clean refrigerator ?

Thanks for any help given.

Re: Section 8 - Renewal - Posted by Eric

Posted by Eric on January 20, 2001 at 18:20:19:

Thanks for the responses.

I have asked for a $ 88 per month increase 60 days ago.

She is getting a 3 bedroom for a two bedroom rent.

If I don’t get it in the next week, I will have some long and hard thoughts about it. I have taken pictures dated by a newspaper and am going to see the head of the inspections and quote their contract of - safe and sanitary conditions and also quote the Ohio Revised Code.

If I don’t renew, they will definately know why.

On another Q&A, someone brought up that they visit the tenant where they currently live and go over the application so that they can see their current surroundings. If perspective tenant on Sec. 8 doesn’t allow this the person is rejected because application is incomplete.

Someone else wrote, see how clean their car is.

Re: Section 8 - Renewal - Posted by John J

Posted by John J on January 19, 2001 at 23:35:42:

I’ll try to answer as best as I can based on my experience with Section 8. I currently have 3 on Housing with one more on the way. Our Section 8 office requires a 90 day notice for any change in lease terms (rental amount, late fees, etc.) They always send me notices about 4 months before the end of the terms. Check your current contract for the provisions of rent increases during the contract term. I always do it effective on the renewal date with the 90-day notice and do not raise the rents above the limits that the Housing Authority allows.
I have a tenant just like yours. After each inspection I will repair items that can be considered normal wear and tear (leaky faucets, etc.) or due to the structure (the last time I had to install a new tub liner in the bathroom) and she does the repairs that are her responsibility. If she doesn’t then the place will not pass the re-inspection and she will lose her housing subsidy. That she understands. I do not let the tenants put the monkey on my back if it belongs on theirs. If I like the tenants and want them to stay for a long time I will often make them happy by just doing the repairs myself if they pay for any parts or supplies, since I have the tools, equipment, and the expertise. I just can not see them paying $50 for a locksmith to install a $8.00 passage door knob, when I can do it in 10 minutes if I am there anyway.

Housing would not concern itself with the cleanliness issue, but in the past I have called our County’s Health department on some of my tenants. I’ve been in the low income housing rental for more than 20 years and have long given up on being concerned about my tenants’ housekeeping. It’s only an issue if the unit is not returned to me in a clean and rerentable condition upon them vacating it. I do enforce strict standards for exterior cleanliness - at least the part of the yard, etc. that is visible from the street or the other units in the complex. No garbage cans on the front porch, no interior furniture on the lawn, no unlicensed, expired licensed, or inoperable vehicles on the property, etc.

Re: Section 8 - Renewal - Posted by Richard - Texas

Posted by Richard - Texas on January 30, 2001 at 20:01:33:

Dealing with section is seeing the government bureaucracy at its worst. It is a one sided program in favor of the resident. Unfortunately when dealing with low end properties you often wind up dealing with section 8 tenants. As long as you can make a profit you will just have to accept it. its not worth getting frustrated over the issue.

Re: Section 8 - Renewal - Posted by Dave

Posted by Dave on January 25, 2001 at 15:40:40:

Eric, The best idea I had to deal with section 8 tenants damage/care issues, was to make a video record of the walk through with the inspector or the tenant BEFORE they moved in. Then, I could use it to show HUD what was there, if it needed repair, and also to show the inspectors on move-out. They never seemed to remember how clean or well maintained the place was until I could show them!


Re: Section 8 - Renewal - Posted by Wayne-NC

Posted by Wayne-NC on January 20, 2001 at 09:12:50:

Why do low income people have to live that way. I’m not saying all but I have the same problem. Most all low income areas are somewhat trashy. Why? If they would just clean up the areas, just think of the equity they would create. Good investors do that all the time with cosmetic repairs that cost little and make good money. I just can’t see the logic in an unclean environment in the U.S. where every opportunity is given for self advancement. I can understand that in a third world country with a corrupt government. But not here. I try to point that out to my tenents all the time and teach them. What are their children learning? Sometimes I’m talking to the wall. Any other comments or suggestions are welcome.

Jesse Jackson - Posted by John J.

Posted by John J. on January 25, 2001 at 22:44:38:

An advocate for the poor, Rev. Jackson said: “Many poor people are poor because their habits are poor.” (Wall Street Journal, 1/24/01. pg A23).