Seeking Out-Of-Print Investing Books??? - Posted by Mr. Jason Channing, Nashville

Posted by Mr. Jason Channing, Nashville on June 04, 1999 at 13:22:03:

I see posts recommending books I know are now out of print.

There IS a solution!

WWW.Bibliofind.Com is a massive, searchable database maintained by a global network of used and antiquarian bookstores. You can find almost anything there!

In 27 seconds, I found a “fine condition with fine condition dust jacket” copy of the legendary Bill Greene’s “Think Like a Tycoon”, out of print since the early eighties, as a gift for my son.

When you search on a title or an author’s name, Bibliofind lists every store in their network with a copy of the title you searched for, or the various titles from that author, and lists the condition of the book, and the used price.

Most bookstores have clickable e-mail addresses, and some have their own website hotlinked to Bibliofind listings where you can order online.

Neat, huh?!

Mr. Jason Channing,
Nashville, Tennessee


If Bill Greene fascinates you, here is “the rest of the story”:

Besides writing books and doing seminars on creative real estate investing, (and making many, many millionaires back in the late seventies and early eighties,when a million dollars was a LOT of money!) he preached against the IRS and taught how to be a “Tax Dropout”, how to obtain 2nd passports, and 2nd citizenships, and the tax and travel advantages of doing so. They are MANY!

Needless to say, the IRS slammed him hard for “tax evasion”, as they do all the high profile “tax avoidance” experts.

Later, while temporarily out of prison on leave, he fled custody and now lives in England, still writes similar material under the name, Dr. H.G. Hill.

Some of what he offers is VERY worthwhile to anyone who finally begins to break through to “big money”, whatever that means to you.

His web site is: Www.ScopeBooks.Com

Check him out. It’s interesting reading for anyome planning to earn “good money” and wanting to think of themselves as a “global citizen”.

And, if the interest is out there, I have a ton of “offshore trust”, tax strategy, expat, other passports, other countries who will issue you 2nd or 3rd citizenships without you having to give up your US citizenship, and “global citizen” hotlinks I could post for your information and future planning.

There’s a lot of real, AND LEGAL, things those guys on the “expatriate” websites know that isn’t generally known and your government would just as soon you did not know. What we don’t know CAN hurt us!

Have a Great Day! —Jason